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      Merge branch '328-http-signature-date' into 'develop' · 2febce8f
      Eliot Berriot authored
      Resolve "Validate agains Date header in HTTP Signature"
      Closes #328
      See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!280
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      Merge tag '0.15' into develop · 2a7333df
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      0.15 (2018-06-24)
      Upgrade instructions are available at
      - Added admin interface to manage import requests (#190)
      - Added replace flag during import to replace already present tracks with a new
        version of their track file (#222)
      - Funkwhale's front-end can now point to any instance (#327) Removed front-end
        and back-end coupling
      - Management interface for users (#212)
      - New invite system (#248) New invite system
      - Added "TV" to the list of highlighted words during YouTube import (#154)
      - Command line import now accepts unlimited args (#242)
      - Expose track files date in manage API (#307)
      - Fixed current track restart/hiccup when shuffling queue, deleting track from
        queue or reordering (#310)
      - Include user's current private playlists on playlist list (#302)
      - Remove link to generic radios, since they don't have detail pages (#324)
      - Document that Funkwhale may be installed with YunoHost (#325)
      - Documented a saner layout with symlinks for in-place imports (#254)
      - Upgrade documentation now use the correct user on non-docker setups (#265)
      Invite system
      On closed instances, it has always been a little bit painful to create accounts
      by hand for new users. This release solve that by adding invitations.
      You can generate invitation codes via the "users" admin interface (you'll find a
      link in the sidebar). Those codes are valid for 14 days, and can be used once
      to create a new account on the instance, even if registrations are closed.
      By default, we generate a random code for invitations, but you can also use custom codes
      if you need to print them or make them fancier ;)
      Invitations generation and management requires the "settings" permission.
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      Merge branch 'release/0.15' · b206c3cf
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      Version bump and changelog for 0.15 · b6ac2dc3
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