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      Merge tag '0.14.2' into develop · 26c34497
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      0.14.2 (2018-06-16)
      .. warning::
          This release contains a fix for a permission issue. You should upgrade
          as soon as possible. Read the changelog below for more details.
      Upgrade instructions are available at
      - Added feedback on shuffle button (#262)
      - Added multiple warnings in the documentation that you should never run
        makemigrations yourself (#291)
      - Album cover served in http (#264)
      - Apache2 reverse proxy now supports websockets (tested with Apache 2.4.25)
      - Display file size in human format during file upload (#289)
      - Switch from BSD-3 licence to AGPL-3 licence (#280)
      - Ensure radios can only be edited and deleted by their owners (#311)
      - Fixed admin menu not showing after login (#245)
      - Fixed broken pagination in Subsonic API (#295)
      - Fixed duplicated websocket connexion on timeline (#287)
      - Improved documentation about in-place imports setup (#298)
      - Added Black and flake8 checks in CI to ensure consistent code styling and
        formatting (#297)
      - Added bug and feature issue templates (#299)
      Permission issues on radios
      Because of an error in the way we checked user permissions on radios,
      public radios could be deleted by any logged-in user, even if they were not
      the owner of the radio.
      We recommend instances owners to upgrade as fast as possible to avoid any abuse
      and data loss.
      Funkwhale is now licenced under AGPL-3
      Following the recent switch made by PixelFed
      (https://github.com/dansup/pixelfed/issues/143), we decided along with
      the community to relicence Funkwhale under the AGPL-3 licence. We did this
      switch for various reasons:
      - This is better aligned with other fediverse software
      - It prohibits anyone to distribute closed-source and proprietary forks of Funkwhale
      As end users and instance owners, this does not change anything. You can
      continue to use Funkwhale exactly as you did before :)
      Apache support for websocket
      Up until now, our Apache2 configuration was not working with websockets. This is now
      solved by adding this at the beginning of your Apache2 configuration file::
          Define funkwhale-api-ws ws://localhost:5000
      And this, before the "/api" block::
          # Activating WebSockets
          ProxyPass "/api/v1/instance/activity" ${funkwhale-api-ws}/api/v1/instance/activity
      Websockets may not be supported in older versions of Apache2. Be sure to upgrade to the latest version available.
      Serving album covers in https (Apache2 proxy)
      Two issues are addressed here. The first one was about Django replying with
      mixed content (http) when queried for covers. Setting up the `X-Forwarded-Proto`
      allows Django to know that the client is using https, and that the reply must
      be https as well.
      Second issue was a problem of permission causing Apache a denied access to
      album cover folder. It is solved by adding another block for this path in
      the Apache configuration file for funkwhale.
      Here is how to modify your `funkwhale.conf` apache2 configuration::
        <VirtualHost *:443>
          #Add this new line
          RequestHeader set X-Forwarded-Proto "https"
          # Add this new block below the other <Directory/> blocks
          # replace /srv/funkwhale/data/media with the path to your media directory
          # if you're not using the standard layout.
          <Directory /srv/funkwhale/data/media/albums>
            Options FollowSymLinks
            AllowOverride None
            Require all granted
      About the makemigrations warning
      You may sometimes get the following warning while applying migrations::
          "Your models have changes that are not yet reflected in a migration, and so won't be applied."
      This is a warning, not an error, and it can be safely ignored.
      Never run the ``makemigrations`` command yourself.
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      Merge branch 'release/0.14.2' · 544a60b8
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      Version bump and changelog for 0.14.2 · cb1957a9
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      Merge branch '312-radios-delete' into 'develop' · 8b202d49
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      radios permissions
      Closes #311
      See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!257
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