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#254: documented a saner layout with symlinks for in-place imports

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......@@ -90,3 +90,4 @@ data/
Documented a saner layout with symlinks for in-place imports (#254)
......@@ -76,6 +76,39 @@ configuration options to ensure the webserver can serve them properly:
Thus, be especially careful when you manipulate the source files.
We recommend you symlink all your music directories into ``/srv/funkwhale/data/music``
and run the `import_files` command from that directory. This will make it possible
to use multiple music music directories, without any additional configuration
on the webserver side.
For instance, if you have a NFS share with your music mounted at ``/media/mynfsshare``,
you can create a symlink like this::
ln -s /media/mynfsshare /srv/funkwhale/data/music/nfsshare
And import music from this share with this command::
python api/ import_files "/srv/funkwhale/data/music/nfsshare/**/*.ogg" --recursive --noinput --in-place
On docker setups, it will require a bit more work, because while the ``/srv/funkwhale/data/music`` is mounted
in containers, symlinked directories are not. To fix that, in your ``docker-compose.yml`` file, ensure each symlinked
directory is mounted as a volume as well::
- ./data/music:/music:ro
- ./data/media:/app/funkwhale_api/media
# add your symlinked dirs here
- /media/nfsshare:/media/nfsshare:ro
- ./data/music:/music:ro
- ./data/media:/app/funkwhale_api/media
# add your symlinked dirs here
- /media/nfsshare:/media/nfsshare:ro
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