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Document upgrading the Postgres database files.

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This is a warning, not an error, and it can be safely ignored.
Never run the ``makemigrations`` command yourself.
Upgrading the Postgres container
With some Funkwhale releases, it is recommended to upgrade the version of the
Postgres database server container. For example, Funkwhale 0.17 recommended
Postgres 9.4, but Funkwhale 0.18 recommends Postgres 11. When upgrading
Postgres, it is not sufficient to change the container referenced in
``docker-compose.yml``. New major versions of Postgres cannot read the databases
created by older major versions. The data has to be exported from a running
instance of the old version and imported by the new version.
Thankfully, there is a Docker container available to automate this process. You
can use the following snippet to upgrade your database in ``./postgres``,
keeping a backup of the old version in ``./postgres-old``:
.. parsed-literal::
# Replace "9.4" and "11" with the versions you are migrating between.
export OLD_POSTGRES=9.4
export NEW_POSTGRES=11
docker-compose stop postgres
docker run --rm \
-v `pwd`/data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/${OLD_POSTGRES}/data \
-v `pwd`/data/postgres-new:/var/lib/postgresql/${NEW_POSTGRES}/data \
# Add back the access control rule that doesn't survive the upgrade
echo "host all all all trust" | sudo tee -a ./postgres-new/pg_hba.conf
# Swap over to the new database
mv ./data/postgres ./data/postgres-old
mv ./data/postgres-new ./data/postgres
Non-docker setup
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