Commit 96f6b1e1 authored by Agate's avatar Agate 💬
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Merge branch '1090-autocomplete' into 'master'

Resolve "Firefox auto-fills your remembered username in the search box if you open the user settings page"

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!1133
parents c19e8595 6d3ad11f
Ensure firefox password manager dont autofill username in search bar (#1090)
<div class="ui fluid category search">
<slot></slot><div class="ui icon input">
<input ref="search" class="prompt" name="search" :placeholder="labels.placeholder" type="text" @keydown.esc="$">
<input ref="search" type="search" class="prompt" name="search" :placeholder="labels.placeholder" @keydown.esc="$">
<i class="search icon"></i>
<div class="results"></div>
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