Commit 7ee8e02b authored by Kuba Orlik's avatar Kuba Orlik Committed by Agate
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Fix feed formatting so it passes w3c validation

Feeds generated by Funkwhale do not pass validation with the [w3c
This commit addresses the problems identified during validation:

1. The `isPermalink` is not recognized -> changed it to
   `isPermaLink` (capital "L")

2. `itunes:summary` and `itunes:subtitle` are 256 characters after
   truncating, but the maximum is 255. The truncating function trims the
   text to 255 chars, but then adds `…`, so the text is one character
   too long

3. The tags within `itunes:keywords` are now separated with commas
   instead of spaces (
parent 055ae44a
......@@ -818,7 +818,7 @@ def rss_serialize_item(upload):
data = {
"title": [{"value": upload.track.title}],
"itunes:title": [{"value": upload.track.title}],
"guid": [{"cdata_value": str(upload.uuid), "isPermalink": "false"}],
"guid": [{"cdata_value": str(upload.uuid), "isPermaLink": "false"}],
"pubDate": [{"value": rfc822_date(upload.creation_date)}],
"itunes:duration": [{"value": rss_duration(upload.duration)}],
"itunes:explicit": [{"value": "no"}],
......@@ -841,7 +841,7 @@ def rss_serialize_item(upload):
if upload.track.description:
data["itunes:subtitle"] = [{"value": upload.track.description.truncate(255)}]
data["itunes:subtitle"] = [{"value": upload.track.description.truncate(254)}]
data["itunes:summary"] = [{"cdata_value": upload.track.description.rendered}]
data["description"] = [{"value": upload.track.description.as_plain_text}]
......@@ -853,7 +853,7 @@ def rss_serialize_item(upload):
tagged_items = getattr(upload.track, "_prefetched_tagged_items", [])
if tagged_items:
data["itunes:keywords"] = [
{"value": " ".join([ for ti in tagged_items])}
{"value": ",".join([ for ti in tagged_items])}
return data
......@@ -903,7 +903,7 @@ def rss_serialize_channel(channel):
data["itunes:category"] = [node]
if channel.artist.description:
data["itunes:subtitle"] = [{"value": channel.artist.description.truncate(255)}]
data["itunes:subtitle"] = [{"value": channel.artist.description.truncate(254)}]
data["itunes:summary"] = [{"cdata_value": channel.artist.description.rendered}]
data["description"] = [{"value": channel.artist.description.as_plain_text}]
......@@ -26,6 +26,9 @@ class FunkwhaleAccountAdapter(DefaultAccountAdapter):
def get_login_redirect_url(self, request):
return "noop"
def get_signup_redirect_url(self, request):
return "noop"
def add_message(self, *args, **kwargs):
# disable message sending
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ django-environ~=0.4
# Images
......@@ -300,13 +300,13 @@ def test_rss_item_serializer(factories):
expected = {
"title": [{"value": upload.track.title}],
"itunes:title": [{"value": upload.track.title}],
"itunes:subtitle": [{"value": description.truncate(255)}],
"itunes:subtitle": [{"value": description.truncate(254)}],
"itunes:summary": [{"cdata_value": description.rendered}],
"description": [{"value": description.as_plain_text}],
"guid": [{"cdata_value": str(upload.uuid), "isPermalink": "false"}],
"guid": [{"cdata_value": str(upload.uuid), "isPermaLink": "false"}],
"pubDate": [{"value": serializers.rfc822_date(upload.creation_date)}],
"itunes:duration": [{"value": serializers.rss_duration(upload.duration)}],
"itunes:keywords": [{"value": "pop rock"}],
"itunes:keywords": [{"value": "pop,rock"}],
"itunes:explicit": [{"value": "no"}],
"itunes:episodeType": [{"value": "full"}],
"itunes:season": [{"value": upload.track.disc_number}],
Make the generated RSS feed more conformant with w3c specification (#1250)
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