Verified Commit 6bf4d463 authored by Eliot Berriot's avatar Eliot Berriot
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Ensure we don't duplicate libray tracks

parent e19fbf54
......@@ -262,6 +262,25 @@ def test_activity_pub_audio_serializer_to_library_track(factories):
assert lt.published_date == arrow.get(audio['published'])
def test_activity_pub_audio_serializer_to_library_track_no_duplicate(
remote_library = factories['federation.Library']()
audio = factories['federation.Audio']()
serializer1 = serializers.AudioSerializer(
data=audio, context={'library': remote_library})
serializer2 = serializers.AudioSerializer(
data=audio, context={'library': remote_library})
assert serializer1.is_valid() is True
assert serializer2.is_valid() is True
lt1 =
lt2 =
assert lt1 == lt2
assert models.LibraryTrack.objects.count() == 1
def test_activity_pub_audio_serializer_to_ap(factories):
tf = factories['music.TrackFile'](mimetype='audio/mp3')
library = actors.SYSTEM_ACTORS['library'].get_actor_instance()
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