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Fixed a few typos with Docker/postgres upgrade instructions

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......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ easy:
This is a warning, not an error, and it can be safely ignored.
Never run the ``makemigrations`` command yourself.
Upgrading the Postgres container
......@@ -78,18 +78,18 @@ Thankfully, there is a Docker container available to automate this process. You
can use the following snippet to upgrade your database in ``./postgres``,
keeping a backup of the old version in ``./postgres-old``:
.. parsed-literal::
.. code-block:: shell
# Replace "9.4" and "11" with the versions you are migrating between.
export OLD_POSTGRES=9.4
export NEW_POSTGRES=11
docker-compose stop postgres
docker run --rm \
-v `pwd`/data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/${OLD_POSTGRES}/data \
-v `pwd`/data/postgres-new:/var/lib/postgresql/${NEW_POSTGRES}/data \
-v $(pwd)/data/postgres:/var/lib/postgresql/${OLD_POSTGRES}/data \
-v $(pwd)/data/postgres-new:/var/lib/postgresql/${NEW_POSTGRES}/data \
# Add back the access control rule that doesn't survive the upgrade
echo "host all all all trust" | sudo tee -a ./postgres-new/pg_hba.conf
echo "host all all all trust" | sudo tee -a ./data/postgres-new/pg_hba.conf
# Swap over to the new database
mv ./data/postgres ./data/postgres-old
mv ./data/postgres-new ./data/postgres
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