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Merge branch '1117-track-episodes' into 'master'

Resolve "X episodes instead of X tracks on Artist channel page"

See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!1130
parents 89aaf99d ae69cd9d
Fixed a wording issue on artist channel page (#1117)
......@@ -18,11 +18,14 @@
<template v-if="totalTracks > 0">
<div class="ui hidden very small divider"></div>
<translate translate-context="Content/Channel/Paragraph"
v-if="object.artist.content_category === 'podcast'"
translate-plural="%{ count } episodes"
:translate-params="{count: totalTracks}">
%{ count } episode
<translate key="2" v-else translate-context="*/*/*" :translate-params="{count: totalTracks}" :translate-n="totalTracks" translate-plural="%{ count } tracks">%{ count } track</translate>
<template v-if="object.attributed_to.full_username === $store.state.auth.fullUsername || $store.getters['channels/isSubscribed'](object.uuid)">
· <translate translate-context="Content/Channel/Paragraph" translate-plural="%{ count } subscribers" :translate-n="object.subscriptions_count" :translate-params="{count: object.subscriptions_count}">%{ count } subscriber</translate>
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