Verified Commit 176bd505 authored by Eliot Berriot's avatar Eliot Berriot
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See #170: deduplicate tags in Audio ap representation

parent c0cbda94
......@@ -1896,7 +1896,7 @@ class ChannelUploadSerializer(jsonld.JsonLdSerializer):
include_image(data, upload.track.attachment_cover)
tags = [ for item in upload.get_all_tagged_items()]
if tags:
data["tag"] = [repr_tag(name) for name in tags]
data["tag"] = [repr_tag(name) for name in sorted(set(tags))]
data["summary"] = " ".join(["#{}".format(name) for name in tags])
if self.context.get("include_ap_context", True):
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