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......@@ -7,11 +7,26 @@ and share its own library with an instance C.
We support various levels of controls for federation-related features.
Managing federation
Federation management is only available to instance admins and users
who have the proper permissions. You can disable federation completely
at the instance level by setting the FEDERATION_ENABLED environment variable
to False.
On the front end, assuming you have the proper permission, you will see
a "Federation" link in the sidebar.
Acquire music via federation
Instance libraries are protected by default. To access another instance
library, you have to follow it. This follow request will be sent to
library, you have to follow it. Each funkwhale instance gets a dedicated
ActivityPub Actor you can follow via the username "library@yourinstance.domain".
When submitted, a follow request will be sent to
the other instance which can accept or deny it. Once your follow request
is accepted, you can start browsing the other instance library
and import music from it.
......@@ -36,5 +51,7 @@ Federation is enabled by default, but requires manually approving
each other instance asking for access to library. This is by design,
to ensure your library is not shared publicly without your consent.
However, we offer a configuration option to alter this behaviour and
disable the manual approval part.
However, if you're confident about federating publicly without manual approval,
you can set the FEDERATION_MUSIC_NEEDS_APPROVAL environment variable to false.
Follow requests will be accepted automatically and followers
given access to your library without manual intervention.
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