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Added basic documentation on the federation feature

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......@@ -42,3 +42,14 @@ The project itself is splitted in two parts:
While the main interface to the server and API is the bundled front-end, the project itself is agnostic in the way you connect to it. Therefore, desktop clients or apps could be developped and implement the same (or even more) features as the bundled frontend.
This modularity also makes it possible do deploy only a single component from the system.
Each Funkwhale instance is able to fetch music from other compatible servers,
and share its own library on the network. The federation is implemented
using the ActivityPub protocol, in order to leverage existing tools
and be compatible with other services such as Mastodon.
As of today, federation only targets music acquisition, meaning user interaction
are not shared via ActivityPub. This will be implemented at a later point.
Each Funkwale instance can federates its music library with other instances
of the network. This means that an instance A can acquire music from instance B
and share its own library with an instance C.
We support various levels of controls for federation-related features.
Acquire music via federation
Instance libraries are protected by default. To access another instance
library, you have to follow it. This follow request will be sent to
the other instance which can accept or deny it. Once your follow request
is accepted, you can start browsing the other instance library
and import music from it.
By default, we do not duplicate audio files from federated tracks, to reduce
disk usage on your instance. When someone listens to a federated track,
the audio file is requested on the fly from the remote instance, and
store in a local cache. It is automatically deleted after a configurable
amount of time if it was not listened again in the meantime.
If you want to mirror a remote instance collection, including its audio files,
we offer an option for that.
We also support an "autoimport" mode for each remote library. When enabled,
any new track published in the remote library will be directly imported
in your instance.
Share music via federation
Federation is enabled by default, but requires manually approving
each other instance asking for access to library. This is by design,
to ensure your library is not shared publicly without your consent.
However, we offer a configuration option to alter this behaviour and
disable the manual approval part.
......@@ -67,3 +67,9 @@ under creative commons (courtesy of Jamendo):
./ music.txt
This will download a bunch of zip archives (one per album) under the ``data/music`` directory and unzip their content.
From other instances
Funkwhale also supports importing music from other instances. Please refer
to :doc:`federation` for more details.
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ Funkwhale is a self-hosted, modern free and open-source music server, heavily in
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