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0.21.2 (2020-07-27)

Upgrade instructions are available at


- Added a new ?related=obj_id filter for artists, albums and tracks, based on tags
- Can now filter subscribed content through API (#1116)
- Support ordering=random for artists, albums, tracks and channels endpoints (#1145)
- Use role=alert on forms/toast message to improve accessibility (#1134)


- Fix embedded player not working on channel serie/album (#1175)
- Fixed broken mimetype detection during import (#1165)
- Fixed crash when loading recent albums via Subsonic (#1158)
- Fixed crash with null help text in admin (#1161)
- Fixed invalid metadata when importing multi-artists tracks/albums (#1104)
- Fixed player crash when using Funkwhale as a PWA (#1157)
- Fixed wrong covert art displaying in some situations (#1138)
- Make channel card updated times more humanly readable, add internationalization (#1089)

Contributors to this release (development, documentation, reviews):

- Agate
- Bheesham Persaud
- Ciarán Ainsworth