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      Fixed link to upgrade instructions · de9fc806
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      Fixed get-releases script · 17cb19ec
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      Added mention of ansible role · c4f675ef
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      Merge tag '0.19.0' into develop · d4399723
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      0.19.0 (2019-05-16)
      Upgrade instructions are available at
      Edits on tracks, albums and artists
      Funkwhale was a bit annoying when it camed to metadata. Tracks, albums and artists profiles
      were created from audio file tags, but basically immutable after that (unless you had
      admin access to Django's UI, which wasn't ideal to do this kind of changes).
      With this release, everyone can suggest changes on track, album and artist pages. Users
      with the "library" permission can review suggested edits in a dedicated interface
      and apply/reject them.
      Approved edits are broadcasted via federation, to ensure other instances get the information
      Not all fields are currently modifiable using this feature. Especially, it's not possible
      to suggest a new album cover, or reassign a track to a different album or artist. Those will
      be implemented in a future release.
      Admin UI for tracks, albums, artists, libraries and uploads
      As part of our ongoing effort to make Funkwhale easier to manage for instance owners,
      this release includes a brand new administration interface to deal with:
      - tracks
      - albums
      - artists
      - libraries
      - uploads
      You can use this UI to quickly search for any object, delete objects in batch, understand
      where they are coming from etc. This new UI should remove the need to go through Django's
      admin in the vast majority of cases (but also includes a link to Django's admin when needed).
      Artist hiding in the interface
      It's now possible for users to hide artists they don't want to see.
      Content linked to hidden artists will not show up in the interface anymore. Especially:
      - Hidden artists tracks are removed from the current queue
      - Starting a playlist will skip tracks from hidden artists
      - Recently favorited, recently listened and recently added widgets on the homepage won't include content from hidden artists
      - Radio suggestions will exclude tracks from hidden artists
      - Hidden artists won't appear in Subsonic apps
      Results linked to hidden artists will continue to show up in search results and their profile page remains accessible.
      OAuth2 authorization for better integration with third-party apps
      Funkwhale now support the OAuth2 authorization and authentication protocol which will allow
      third-party apps to interact with Funkwhale on behalf of users.
      This feature makes it possible to build third-party apps that have the same capabilities
      as Funkwhale's Web UI. The only exception at the moment is for actions that requires
      special permissions, such as modifying instance settings or moderation (but this will be
      enabled in a future release).
      If you want to start building an app on top of Funkwhale's API, please check-out
      `https://docs.funkwhale.audio/api.html`_ and `https://docs.funkwhale.audio/developers/authentication.html`_.
      Better error handling and display during import
      Funkwhale should now be more resilient to missing tags in imported files, and give
      you more insights when something goes wrong, including the specific tags that were missing
      or invalid, and additional debug information to share in your support requests.
      This information is available in all pages that list uploads, when clicking on the button next to the upload status.
      Support for S3-compatible storages to store media files
      Storing all media files on the Funkwhale server itself may not be possible or desirable
      in all scenarios. You can now configure Funkwhale to store those files in a S3
      bucket instead.
      Check-out `https://docs.funkwhale.audio/admin/external-storages.html`_ if you want to use
      this feature.
      Prune library command
      Users are often surprised by Funkwhale's tendency to keep track, album and artist
      metadata even if no associated files exist.
      To help with that, we now offer a ``prune_library`` management command you can run
      to purge your database from obsolete entries. `Please refer to our documentation
      for usage instructions <https://docs.funkwhale.audio/admin/commands.html#pruning-library>`_.
      Check in-place files command
      When using in-place import with a living audio library, you'll quite often rename or
      remove files from the file system. Unfortunately, Funkwhale keeps a reference to those
      files in the database, which results in unplayable tracks.
      To help with that, we now offer a ``check_inplace_files`` management command you can run
      to purge your database from obsolete files. `Please refer to our documentation
      for usage instructions <https://docs.funkwhale.audio/admin/commands.html#remove-obsolete-files-from-database>`_.
      - Added albums view. Similar to artists view, it's viewable by clicking on the "Albums" link on the top bar. (#356)
      - Allow artists hiding (#701)
      - Change the document title to display current track information. (#359)
      - Display a confirmation dialog when adding duplicate songs to a playlist (#784)
      - Improved error handling and display during import (#252, #718, #583, #501, #544)
      - Support embedding full artist discographies (#747)
      - Support metadata update on tracks, albums and artists and broadcast those on the federation (#689)
      - Support OAuth2 authorization for better integration with third-party apps (#752)
      - Support S3-compatible storages for media files (#565)
      - [Experimental] Added a new "Similar" radio based on users history (suggested by @gordon)
      - Added a "load more" button on artist pages to load more tracks/albums (#719)
      - Added a `check_inplace_files` management command to remove purge the database from references to in-place imported files that don't exist on disk anymore (#781)
      - Added a prune_library management command to remove obsolete metadata from the database (#777)
      - Added admin options to disable login for users, ensure related content is deleted when deleting a user account (#809)
      - Added standardized translation context for all strings in the frontend to give accurate hints to translators.
      - Added twitter:* meta tags to detect tracks and albums players automatically on more sites (#578)
        Improved responsiveness of embedded player
      - Advertise the list of supported upload extensions in the Nodeinfo endpoint (#808)
      - Better handling of follow/accept messages to avoid and recover from desync between instances (#830)
      - Better workflow for connecting to another instance (#715)
        Changing the instance used is now better integrated in the App, and it is checked that the chosen instance and the suggested instances are valid and running Funkwhale servers.
      - Bumped dependencies to latest versions (#815)
      - Descriptions will now be shown underneath user libraries (#768)
      - Don't store unhandled ActivityPub messages in database (#776)
      - Enhanced the design of the embed wizard. (!619)
      - Ensure the footer always stays at the bottom of the page
      - Expose an instance-level actor (service@domain) in nodeinfo endpoint (#689)
      - Improved readability of logo (#385)
      - Keep persistent connections to the database instead of recreating a new one for each request
      - Labels for privacy levels are now consistently grabbed from a common source instead of being hardcoded everytime they are needed.
      - Merged artist/album buttons with title text on artist and album pages (#725)
      - Now honor maxBitrate parameter in Subsonic API (#802)
      - Preload next track in queue (#572)
      - Reduced app size for regular users by moving admin-related code in a dedicated chunk (#805)
      - Removed broken/instable lyrics feature (#799)
      - Show remaining storage space during import and prevent file upload if not enough space is remaining (#550)
      - The buttons displaying an icon now always show a little divider between the icon and the text. (!620)
      - Use attributedTo instead of actor in library ActivityPub payload (#619)
      - Use network/depends_on instead of links in docker-compose.yml (!716)
      - Add missing command from contributing file (#754)
      - Add required envvar for dev environment (!668)
      - Added env variable to set AWS region and signature version to serve media without proxy (#826)
      - Allow users with dots in their usernames to request a subsonic password (#798)
      - Better handling of featuring/multi-artist tracks tagged with MusicBrainz (#782)
      - Do not consider tracks as duplicates during import if they have different positions (#740)
      - Ensure all our ActivityPub fetches are authenticated (#758)
      - Ensure correct track duration and playable status when browsing radios (#812)
      - Fixed alignement/size issue with some buttons (#702)
      - Fixed an encoding issue with instance name on about page (#828)
      - Fixed cover not showing in queue/player when playing tracks from "albums" tab (#795)
      - Fixed crashing upload processing on invalid date format (#718)
      - Fixed dev command for fake data creation (!664)
      - Fixed invalid OEmbed URL when using a local FUNKWHALE_SPA_HTML_ROOT (#824)
      - Fixed invalid required fields in Upload django's admin (#819)
      - Fixed issue with querying the albums api endpoint (#356)
      - Fixed non-transparent background for volume range on Firefox (#722)
      - Fixed overflowing input on account detail page (#791)
      - Fixed unplayable radios for anonymous users (#563)
      - Prevent skipping on file import if album_mbid is different (#772)
      - Use proper site name/domain in emails (#806)
      - Width of filter menus for radios has been set to stop text from overlapping the borders
      - Document how to use Redis over unix sockets (#770)
      Contributors to this release (commiters and translators):
      - Ale London
      - Alexander
      - Ben Finney
      - ButterflyOfFire
      - Ciarán Ainsworth
      - Damien Nicolas
      - Daniele Lira Mereb
      - Eliot Berriot
      - Elza Gelez
      - gerry_the_hat
      - gordon
      - interfect
      - jake
      - Jee
      - jovuit
      - Mélanie Chauvel
      - nouts
      - Pierrick
      - Qasim Ali
      - Quentí
      - Renon
      - Rodrigo Leite
      - Sylke Vicious
      - Thomas Brockmöller
      - Tixie
      - Vierkantor
      - Von
      - Zach Halasz
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      Merge branch 'release/0.19.0' · 0703598c
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      Version bump and changelog for 0.19.0 · e99b7703
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      Fixed missing contexts · 29739e2c
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      Merge branch 'master' into develop · 07f0f326
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      Merge branch 'develop' · 62f401ed
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      Merge branch 'translations-integration' into 'develop' · ef076232
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      Translations integration
      See merge request !766
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      Translated using Weblate (Arabic) · 111fb413
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      Currently translated at 55.2% (485 of 878 strings)
      Translation: Funkwhale/Funkwhale's server front-end
      Translate-URL: https://translate.funkwhale.audio/projects/funkwhale/front/ar/
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      Added refresh button on album widget · 9e743392
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