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Redesign of the landing and about pages (#872)
......@@ -49,6 +49,38 @@ For more information about this feature, please check out our documentation:
- `User documentation <>`_
- `Moderator documentation <>`_
Landing and about page redesign [Manual action suggested]
In this release, we've completely redesigned the landing and about page, by making it more useful and adapted to your pod
configuration. Among other things, the landing page will now include:
- your pod and an excerpt from your pod's description
- your pod banner image, if any
- your contact email, if any
- the login form
- the signup form (if registrations are open on your pod)
- some basic statistics about your pod
- a widget including recently uploaded albums, if anonymous access is enabled
The landing page will still include some information about Funkwhale, but in a less intrusive and proeminent way than before.
Additionally, the about page now includes:
- your pod name, description, rules and terms
- your pod banner image, if any
- your contact email, if any
- comprehensive statistics about your pod
- some info about your pod configuration, such as registration and federation status or the default upload quota for new users
With this redesign, we've added a handful of additional pod settings:
- Pod banner image
- Contact email
- Rules
- Terms of service
We recommend taking a few moments to fill these accordingly to your needs, by visiting ``/manage/settings``.
Allow-list to restrict federation to trusted domains
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