1.1.1 (2021-04-13)

Upgrade instructions are available at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/admin/upgrading.html

With this release we changed the default number of FUNKWHALE_WEB_WORKERS to 4. This seems to solve federation issues in some cases. We recommend increasing it to something higher than 4. Please evaluate, what amount of workers works best in your specific setup.


  • Improve UI consistency in artist tracks (#1286)
  • Adds year to album's card and album's base UI


  • Fix playback issues when pausing close the the end of a track (#1324)
  • Fix tracks playing in the background without the ability to control them (#1213) (#1387)
  • Fixed track playback indicator to reset on queue end (#1380)
  • Frontend build tooling is less dependent on npm or yarn being used (!1285)
  • Fixed a small discrepancy to the subsonic api 1374