0.19.0-rc2 (2019-05-10)

This is a release candidate. It's intended to be stable and usable, but can contain some bugs.

Upgrade instructions are available at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/index.html (use FUNKWHALE_VERSION=0.19.0-rc2 as the version number)


  • Can now serve audio content directly from S3


  • Translations integration (Occitan, Arabic, Italian, French)
  • Updated link to appplications page in the footer
  • Fixed invalid required fields in Upload django's admin (#819)
  • Avoid triggering an HTTP request for frontend HTML in docker
  • Added list corner icon to trash icon in player controls to make it's function more obvious
  • Fixed width of radio filters too narrow (#822)
  • Fixed issue when transcoding from federation
  • Can now provide default app name, scope and redirect uris via query string when creating app


  • Fixed invalid OEmbed URL when using a local FUNKWHALE_SPA_HTML_ROOT (#824)
  • Fixed some player issues


  • Add bind mount docs for docker inplace import
  • Fixed Duplicate locations in nginx template (#817)