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Update dependency channels to v4 (develop)

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channels dependencies major ==3.0.5 -> ==4.0.0

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Channels 4 is the next major version of the Channels package. Together with the matching Daphne v4 and channels-redis v4 releases, it updates dependencies, fixes issues, and removes outdated code. It so provides the foundation for Channels development going forward.

In most cases, you can update now by updating channels, daphne, and channels-redis as appropriate, with pip, and by adding daphne at the top of your INSTALLED_APPS setting.

First pip::

pip install -U 'channels[daphne]' channels-redis

Then in your Django settings file::


Again, this is a major version change. Amongst other changes, large amounts of the Django-wrapping code deprecated in Channels v3 has now been removed, in favour of Django's own ASGI handling, and the runserver command has been moved into the Daphne package.

Please ensure to review the Version 4.0.0 release notes <>_ for full details.


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