Update dependency drf-spectacular to v0.24.2 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
drf-spectacular dependencies minor ==0.23.1 -> ==0.24.2

Release Notes



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  • robustify extension class loading #&#8203;821 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/821>_
  • fix regression due to GIS import for django-filter #&#8203;821 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/821>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate optional GDAL import errors for django-filter.


Compare Source

  • bugfix GeometryFilter for GIS and django-filter #&#8203;814 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/814>_
  • NullBooleanField comment and add 3.14.0 to test suite #&#8203;818 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/818>_
  • fix: #&#8203;816 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/816>_ NullBooleanField does not exist in DRF >= 3.14.0 [Laurent Tramoy]
  • fix GIS source lookup with hops #&#8203;813 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/813>_
  • Add blueprint for Stoplight Elements docs UI [Alex Burgel]
  • fix OpenApiParameter enum and pattern for many=True #&#8203;808 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/808>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate removal of NullBooleanField in DRF 3.14.0
  • Small fixes to OpenApiParameter and django-filter


Compare Source

  • fix yaml serialization error on Django SafeString #&#8203;802 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/802>_
  • mitigate DRF bug in ObtainAuthToken < 3.12.0 #&#8203;796 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/796>_
  • add FAQ entry for django-csp errors #&#8203;173 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/173>_ #&#8203;797 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/797>_
  • bugfix TokenMatchesOASRequirements #&#8203;469 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/469>_ and JWTCookieAuthentication #&#8203;626 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/626>_
  • add custom redoc settings option
  • fix error with PrimaryKeyRelatedField on non-ModelSerializer #&#8203;353 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/353>_
  • provide context to serializer for @​extend_schema use-cases #&#8203;699 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/699>_
  • add example value hint to doc #&#8203;788 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/788>_
  • fix packages= so top_level.txt is correct [anthony sottile]
  • Adding documentation for the OpenApiParameter 'many' argument [Paul Wayper]
  • Extend OpenApiSerializerExtension interface. #&#8203;392 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/392>_ #&#8203;705 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/705>_
  • Include context with request when instantiating serializers [Mike Hansen]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Some minor gaps closed in the extension interface and serializer context initialization. It is a y-stream release, because there remains a small chance of change for users that sport non-standard customizations.


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