Update dependency drf-spectacular to v0.23.1 (develop)

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
drf-spectacular dependencies minor ==0.22.1 -> ==0.23.1

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • improve CAMELIZE_NAMES doc #&#8203;774 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/774>_
  • move import into build_geo_schema function [bidaya0]

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • Hotfix release to mitigate unwanted import of optional GIS features that depend on GDAL. GDAL is not a new requirement.


Compare Source

  • fix infinite recursion when accessing missing attributes in generator stats [Oleg Hoefling]
  • fix list pagination when examples are provided [topher235]
  • accept integer status codes in OpenApiExample [Nicholas Guriev]
  • Missing ":" in example documentation [Josué Millán Zamora]
  • Flip direction for callbacks serializers [Justas]
  • grammar fix [Kojo Idrissa]
  • fix sidecar for alternate staticfile storages #&#8203;718 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/718>_
  • add support for rest_framework_gis
  • add mechanism to handle custom ListSerializers with extensions
  • Update based on review [johnthagen]
  • Hyphenate in-memory [johnthagen]
  • Add FAQ entry for how to serve in-memory generated files [johnthagen]
  • add pattern to OpenApiParameter #&#8203;738 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/738>_
  • Add test that extend_schema_field on django-filter is not modified [Take Weiland]
  • Do not forcefully overwrite enum setting on custom django-filter schema [Take Weiland]
  • django-filter: Enable type extraction fallback for MultipleChoiceFilter as well [Take Weiland]
  • Add examples camelization note to settings.py [Zac Miller]
  • fix codecov badge url issue on github #&#8203;713 <https://github.com/tfranzel/drf-spectacular/issues/713>_

Breaking changes / important additions:

  • A whole bunch of smaller bug fixes.
  • OpenAPI Callbacks should now be production ready
  • Introduction of rest_framework_gis support. This might impact APIs that are using GIS so this is a y-stream release.


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