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Update dependency Pillow to v9.2.0 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-pillow-9.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Pillow (source, changelog) dependencies minor ==9.1.1 -> ==9.2.0

Release Notes



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  • Deprecate ImageFont.getsize and related functions #​6381 [nulano, radarhere]

  • Fixed null check for fribidi_version_info in FriBiDi shim #​6376 [nulano]

  • Added GIF decompression bomb check #​6402 [radarhere]

  • Handle PCF fonts files with less than 256 characters #​6386 [dawidcrivelli, radarhere]

  • Improved GIF optimize condition #​6378 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Reverted to array_interface with the release of NumPy 1.23 #​6394 [radarhere]

  • Pad PCX palette to 768 bytes when saving #​6391 [radarhere]

  • Fixed bug with rounding pixels to palette colors #​6377 [btrekkie, radarhere]

  • Use gnome-screenshot on Linux if available #​6361 [radarhere, nulano]

  • Fixed loading L mode BMP RLE8 images #​6384 [radarhere]

  • Fixed incorrect operator in ImageCms error #​6370 [LostBenjamin, hugovk, radarhere]

  • Limit FPX tile size to avoid extending outside image #​6368 [radarhere]

  • Added support for decoding plain PPM formats #​5242 [Piolie, radarhere]

  • Added apply_transparency() #​6352 [radarhere]

  • Fixed behaviour change from endian fix #​6197 [radarhere]

  • Allow remapping P images with RGBA palettes #​6350 [radarhere]

  • Fixed drawing translucent 1px high polygons #​6278 [radarhere]

  • Pad COLORMAP to 768 items when saving TIFF #​6232 [radarhere]

  • Fix P -> PA conversion #​6337 [RedShy, radarhere]

  • Once exif data is parsed, do not reload unless it changes #​6335 [radarhere]

  • Only try to connect discontiguous corners at the end of edges #​6303 [radarhere]

  • Improve transparency handling when saving GIF images #​6176 [radarhere]

  • Do not update GIF frame position until local image is found #​6219 [radarhere]

  • Netscape GIF extension belongs after the global color table #​6211 [radarhere]

  • Only write GIF comments at the beginning of the file #​6300 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Separate multiple GIF comment blocks with newlines #​6294 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Always use GIF89a for comments #​6292 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Ignore compression value from BMP info dictionary when saving as TIFF #​6231 [radarhere]

  • If font is file-like object, do not re-read from object to get variant #​6234 [radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError when trying to access internal fp after close #​6213 [radarhere]

  • Support more affine expression forms in im.point() #​6254 [benrg, radarhere]

  • Populate Python palette in fromarray() #​6283 [radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError if PNG chunks are truncated #​6253 [radarhere]

  • Use durations from each frame by default when saving GIFs #​6265 [radarhere]

  • Adjust BITSPERSAMPLE to match SAMPLESPERPIXEL when opening TIFFs #​6270 [radarhere]

  • Search pkgconf system libs/cflags #​6138 [jameshilliard, radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError for invalid PPM maxval #​6242 [radarhere]

  • Corrected screencapture argument in ImageGrab.grab() #​6244 [axt-one]

  • Deprecate support for Qt 5 (PyQt5 and PySide2) #​6237 [hugovk, radarhere]

  • Increase wait time of temporary file deletion on Windows #​6224 [AlexTedeschi]

  • Deprecate FreeTypeFont.getmask2 fill parameter #​6220 [nulano, radarhere, hugovk]

  • Round lut values where necessary #​6188 [radarhere]

  • Load before getting size in resize() #​6190 [radarhere]

  • Load image before performing size calculations in thumbnail() #​6186 [radarhere]

  • Deprecated PhotoImage.paste() box parameter #​6178 [radarhere]


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