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Update dependency plyr to v3.6.12 (stable)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/stable-plyr-3.x into stable

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
plyr (source) resolutions patch 3.6.2 -> 3.6.12

Release Notes



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  • Fix: remove division logic from ads.scss (fixes #​2370)


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  • Fix: Replace list.slash added in 3.6.10 with calc
  • Chore: Package upgrades
  • Chore: SASS clean up
  • Chore: Improvements to style linting


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  • Fix: Use list.slash instead of deprecated syntax
  • Chore: Clean up demo


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  • Typings: add FullscreenOptions.container to typing files (thanks @​MeguminSama!)
  • Fix: added iPadOS detection to isIos util (thanks @​Benny739!)
  • Fix: issues with Vimeo fullscreen


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  • Fix: remove regression caused by optional chaining and nullish coalescing in check for window.CSS check for aspect-ratio (fixes #​2174)


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  • Improvements to how aspect ratio is handled. Use aspect-ratio CSS property instead of the legacy method (still used as fallback). Also automatically determined aspect ratios are rounded to the nearast standard ratio. This fixes issues with the YouTube embeds showing a 1-2px black bar.
  • Hide the YouTube poster image container when paused so that the controls underneath can be used.


Compare Source

  • Migrate color formatting to colorette (thanks @​jorgebucaran)
  • Fix: issue with IE detection
  • Fix: missing styles for embeds
  • Fix: regression regarding poster image
  • Add all required props to vimeo iframe allow attribute - fixes #​2151 (thanks @​didrip)


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  • Remove unnecessary calc from media query (thanks @​naomiaz)
  • Enhance types (thanks @​lunika)
  • Fix: Object.values for the providers must be used (thanks @​syteknet-core)
  • Fix: Improve support inside iframes (thanks @​ajgagnon)
  • Added --plyr-video-background for having control over the background of a video with alpha channel (webm) or a poster image with alpha channel (thanks @​nepomuc)
  • Fix issue with not entering iosfullscreen of vimeo videos with playsinline=true (thanks @​lordon and @​Frosch)
  • fix: use new syntax for iframe allow attribute
  • chore: package updates
  • chore: add @​babel/plugin-proposal-class-properties
  • fix: use bound arrow functions in classes


Compare Source

  • Fix volume when unmuting from volume 0 using YouTube (thanks @​stephanefbouchard)
  • Add missing unit to calc in media query (thanks @​vincentorback)
  • Assigning player's lastSeekTime on rewind/fast forward to prevent immediate controls hide on mobile (thanks @​trafium)
  • Fix for volume control overflowing in Firefox (thanks @​dirkjf)
  • Force fullscreen events to trigger on plyr element (media element in iOS) and not fullscreen container (thanks @​theprojectsomething)
  • TypeScript types improvements (thanks @​akuma06 & @​iwatakeshi)
  • Dash demo link fixed (thanks @​jonathanarbely)
  • Fix "A ReferenceError: _classCallCheck is not defined error has occurred." error (thanks @​hex-ci)
  • Fix issue with CSS custom property check (thanks @​syedhusain-appspace)
  • Fix for slow loading videos not autoplaying (thanks @​DanielHuntleySBG)
  • Fix for network requests are not cancelled after the player is destroyed (thanks @​DanielHuntleySBG)
  • Added option to disable custom controls for YouTube and Vimeo


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