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Update dependency prompt-toolkit to v3.0.28 (develop)

RenovateBot requested to merge renovate/develop-prompt-toolkit-3.x into develop

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
prompt-toolkit dev-dependencies patch ==3.0.26 -> ==3.0.28

Release Notes



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New features:

  • Support format specifiers for HTML and ANSI formatted text.
  • Accept defaults for checkbox and radio list, and their corresponding dialogs.


  • Fix resetting of cursor shape after the application terminates.


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New features:

  • Support for cursor shapes. The cursor shape for prompts/applications can now be configured, either as a fixed cursor shape, or in case of Vi input mode, according to the current input mode.
  • Handle "cursor forward" command in ANSI formatted text. This makes it possible to render many kinds of generated ANSI art.
  • Accept align attribute in Label widget.
  • Added PlainTextOutput: an output implementation that doesn't render any ANSI escape sequences. This will be used by default when redirecting stdout to a file.
  • Added create_app_session_from_tty: a context manager that enforces input/output to go to the current TTY, even if stdin/stdout are attached to pipes.
  • Added to_plain_text utility for converting formatted text into plain text.


  • Don't automatically use sys.stderr for output when sys.stdout is not a TTY, but sys.stderr is. The previous behavior was confusing, especially when rendering formatted text to the output, and we expect it to follow redirection.


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