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See #170: fetching remote objects

Agate requested to merge 170-fetch-api into develop

Required for #170 (closed) and more generally for easier discovery/sharing. This MR implements a new screen an search capability that allow you to retrieve objects from the fediverse using their URL or username.

The following objects are supported:

  • Actors
  • Funkwhale libraries
  • Funkwhale artists
  • Funkwhale albums
  • Funkwhale tracks
  • Funkwhale uploads

For instance, it can be used as an easy way to make a public track from (or any other instance with public content) available on your own pod, without going through the library/subscription flow.

It's also a shorter way to follow libraries.

While it's not implemented yet, future iterations could improve the fetch behaviour to retrieve linked objects too (e.g retrieve an album and all the corresponding tracks).



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