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      Fix #280: AGPL-3 licence 🎉 · c7a0ce37
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      Merge tag '0.14.1' into develop · ab43d6d0
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      0.14.1 (2018-06-06)
      Upgrade instructions are available at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/upgrading.html
      - Display server version in the footer (#270)
      - fix_track_files will now update files with bad mimetype (and not only the one
        with no mimetype) (#273)
      - Huge performance boost (~x5 to x7) during CLI import that queries MusicBrainz
      - Removed alpha-state transcoding support (#271)
      - Broken logging statement during import error (#274)
      - Broken search bar on library home (#278)
      - Do not crash when importing track with an artist that do not match the
        release artist (#237)
      - Do not crash when tag contains multiple uuids with a / separator (#267)
      - Ensure we do not store bad mimetypes (such as application/x-empty) (#266)
      - Fix broken "play all" button that played only 25 tracks (#281)
      - Fixed broken track download modal (overflow and wrong URL) (#239)
      - Removed hardcoded size limit in file upload widget (#275)
      - Added warning about _protected/music location in nginx configuration (#247)
      Removed alpha-state transcoding (#271)
      A few months ago, a basic transcoding feature was implemented. Due to the way
      this feature was designed, it was slow, CPU intensive on the server side,
      and very tightly coupled to the reverse-proxy configuration, preventing
      it to work Apache2, for instance. It was also not compatible with Subsonic clients.
      Based on that, we're currently removing support for transcoding
      **in its current state**. The work on a better designed transcoding feature
      can be tracked in https://code.eliotberriot.com/funkwhale/funkwhale/issues/272.
      You don't have to do anything on your side, but you may want to remove
      the now obsolete configuration from your reverse proxy file (nginx only)::
          # Remove those blocks:
          # transcode cache
          proxy_cache_path /tmp/funkwhale-transcode levels=1:2 keys_zone=transcode:10m max_size=1g inactive=7d;
          # Transcoding logic and caching
          location = /transcode-auth {
              include /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf;
              # needed so we can authenticate transcode requests, but still
              # cache the result
              set $query '';
              # ensure we actually pass the jwt to the underlytin auth url
              if ($request_uri ~* "[^\?]+\?(.*)$") {
                  set $query $1;
              proxy_pass http://funkwhale-api/api/v1/trackfiles/viewable/?$query;
              proxy_pass_request_body off;
              proxy_set_header        Content-Length "";
          location /api/v1/trackfiles/transcode/ {
              include /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf;
              # this block deals with authenticating and caching transcoding
              # requests. Caching is heavily recommended as transcoding
              # is a CPU intensive process.
              auth_request /transcode-auth;
              if ($args ~ (.*)jwt=[^&]*(.*)) {
                  set $cleaned_args $1$2;
              proxy_cache_key "$scheme$request_method$host$uri$is_args$cleaned_args";
              proxy_cache transcode;
              proxy_cache_valid 200 7d;
              proxy_ignore_headers "Set-Cookie";
              proxy_hide_header "Set-Cookie";
              add_header X-Cache-Status $upstream_cache_status;
              proxy_pass   http://funkwhale-api;
          # end of transcoding logic
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      Merge branch 'release/0.14.1' · 30eaa78e
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      Version bump and changelog for 0.14.1 · 73785d45
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      Merge branch '288-cli-perf' into 'develop' · a4eda7ef
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      Resolve "Improve CLI import performance by removing duplicated MBID queries"
      Closes #288 and #237
      See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!234
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      Merge tag '0.14' into develop · a00a6162
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      0.14 (2018-06-02)
      Upgrade instructions are available at
      - Admins can now configure default permissions that will be granted to all
        registered users (#236)
      - Files management interface for users with "library" permission (#223)
      - New action table component for quick and efficient batch actions (#228) This
        is implemented on the federated tracks pages, but will be included in other
        pages as well depending on the feedback.
      - Added a new "upload" permission that allows user to launch import and view
        their own imports (#230)
      - Added Support for OggTheora in import.
      - Autoremove media files on model instance deletion (#241)
      - Can now import a whole remote library at once thanks to new Action Table
        component (#164)
      - Can now use album covers from flac/mp3 metadata and separate file in track
        directory (#219)
      - Implemented getCovertArt in Subsonic API to serve album covers (#258)
      - Implemented scrobble endpoint of subsonic API, listenings are now tracked
        correctly from third party apps that use this endpoint (#260)
      - Retructured music API to increase performance and remove useless endpoints
      - Consistent constraints/checks for URL size (#207)
      - Display proper total number of tracks on radio detail (#225)
      - Do not crash on flac import if musicbrainz tags are missing (#214)
      - Empty save button in radio builder (#226)
      - Ensure anonymous users can use the app if the instance is configured
        accordingly (#229)
      - Ensure inactive users cannot get auth tokens (#218) This was already the case
        bug we missed some checks
      - File-upload import now supports Flac files (#213)
      - File-upload importer should now work properly, assuming files are tagged
      - Fixed a few broken translations strings (#227)
      - Fixed broken ordering in front-end lists (#179)
      - Fixed ignored page_size paremeter on artist and favorites list (#240)
      - Read ID3Tag Tracknumber from TRCK (#220)
      - We now fetch album covers regardless of the import methods (#231)
      - Added missing subsonic configuration block in deployment vhost files (#249)
      - Moved upgrade doc under install doc in TOC (#251)
      - Removed acoustid support, as the integration was buggy and error-prone (#106)
      Files management interface
      This is the first bit of an ongoing work that will span several releases, to
      bring more powerful library management features to Funkwhale. This iteration
      includes a basic file management interface where users with the "library"
      permission can list and search available files, order them using
      various criterias (size, bitrate, duration...) and delete them.
      New "upload" permission
      This new permission is helpful if you want to give upload/import rights
      to some users, but don't want them to be able to manage the library as a whole:
      although there are no controls yet for managing library in the fron-end,
      subsequent release will introduce management interfaces for artists, files,
      Because of that, users with the "library" permission will have much more power,
      and will also be able to remove content from the platform. On the other hand,
      users with the "upload" permission will only have the ability to add new
      Also, this release also includes a new feature called "default permissions":
      those are permissions that are granted to every users on the platform.
      On public/open instances, this will play well with the "upload" permission
      since everyone will be able to contribute to the instance library without
      an admin giving the permission to every single user.
      Smarter album cover importer
      In earlier versions, covers where only imported when launching a YouTube import.
      Starting from this release, covers will be imported regardless of the import mode
      (file upload, youtube-dl, CLI, in-place...). Funkwhale will look for covers
      in the following order:
      1. In the imported file itself (FLAC/MP3 only)
      2. In a cover.jpg or cover.png in the file directory
      3. By fetching cover art from Musibrainz, assuming the file is tagged correctly
      This will only work for newly imported tracks and albums though. In the future,
      we may offer an option to refetch album covers from the interface, but in the
      meantime, you can use the following snippet:
      .. code-block:: python
          # Store this in /tmp/update_albums.py
          from funkwhale_api.music.models import Album, TrackFile
          from funkwhale_api.music.tasks import update_album_cover
          albums_without_covers = Album.objects.filter(cover='')
          total = albums_without_covers.count()
          print('Found {} albums without cover'.format(total))
          for i, album in enumerate(albums_without_covers.iterator()):
              print('[{}/{}] Fetching cover for {}...'.format(i+1, total, album.title))
              f = TrackFile.objects.filter(track__album=album).filter(source__startswith='file://').first()
              update_album_cover(album, track_file=f)
      Then launch it::
          # docker setups
          cat /tmp/update_albums.py | docker-compose run --rm api python manage.py shell -i python
          # non-docker setups
          source /srv/funkwhale/load_env
          source /srv/funkwhale/virtualenv/bin/activate
          cat /tmp/update_albums.py | python manage.py shell -i python
          # cleanup
          rm /tmp/update_albums.py
      .. note::
          Depending on your number of albums, the previous snippet may take some time
          to execute. You can interrupt it at any time using ctrl-c and relaunch it later,
          as it's idempotent.
      Music API changes
      This release includes an API break. Even though the API is advertised
      as unstable, and not documented, here is a brief explanation of the change in
      case you are using the API in a client or in a script. Summary of the changes:
      - ``/api/v1/artists`` does not includes a list of tracks anymore. It was to heavy
        to return all of this data all the time. You can get all tracks for an
        artist using ``/api/v1/tracks?artist=artist_id``
      - Additionally, ``/api/v1/tracks`` now support an ``album`` filter to filter
        tracks matching an album
      - ``/api/v1/artists/search``, ``/api/v1/albums/search`` and ``/api/v1/tracks/search``
        endpoints are removed. Use ``/api/v1/{artists|albums|tracks}/?q=yourquery``
        instead. It's also more powerful, since you can combine search with other
        filters and ordering options.
      - ``/api/v1/requests/import-requests/search`` endpoint is removed as well.
        Use ``/api/v1/requests/import-requests/?q=yourquery``
        instead. It's also more powerful, since you can combine search with other
        filters and ordering options.
      Of course, the front-end was updated to work with the new API, so this should
      not impact end-users in any way, apart from slight performance gains.
      .. note::
          The API is still not stable and may evolve again in the future. API freeze
          will come at a later point.
      Flac files imports via upload
      You have nothing to do to benefit from this, however, since Flac files
      tend to be a lot bigger than other files, you may want to increase the
      ``client_max_body_size`` value in your Nginx configuration if you plan
      to upload flac files.
      Missing subsonic configuration bloc in vhost files
      Because of a missing bloc in the sample Nginx and Apache configurations,
      instances that were deployed after the 0.13 release are likely to be unable
      to answer to Subsonic clients (the missing bits were properly documented
      in the changelog).
      Ensure you have the following snippets in your Nginx or Apache configuration
      if you plan to use the Subsonic API.
          location /rest/ {
              include /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf;
              proxy_pass   http://funkwhale-api/api/subsonic/rest/;
          <Location "/rest">
              ProxyPass ${funkwhale-api}/api/subsonic/rest
              ProxyPassReverse ${funkwhale-api}/api/subsonic/rest
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      Merge branch 'release/0.14' · 7d6e6c6a
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      Version bump and changelog for 0.14 · 73bde2fc
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      Merge branch '231-cover-import' into 'develop' · 87edc6ee
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      Resolve "No cover on import"
      Closes #231 and #219
      See merge request !222
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      Fix #231 and #219: ensure we import covers regarless of the import method · 290cae9a
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      Can now import covers from track metadata and track directory as well
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