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Support metadata update on tracks, albums and artists and broadcast those on the federation (#689)
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Those release notes refer to the current development branch and are reset
after each release.
Edits on tracks, albums and artists
Funkwhale was a bit annoying when it camed to metadata. Tracks, albums and artists profiles
were created from audio file tags, but basically immutable after that (unless you had
admin access to Django's UI, which wasn't ideal to do this kind of changes).
With this release, everyone can suggest changes on track, album and artist pages. Users
with the "library" permission can review suggested edits in a dedicated interface
and apply/reject them.
Approved edits are broadcasted via federation, to ensure other instances get the information
Not all fields are currently modifiable using this feature. Especially, it's not possible
to suggest a new album cover, or reassign a track to a different album or artist. Those will
be implemented in a future release.
Admin UI for tracks, albums, artists, libraries and uploads
As part of our ongoing effort to make Funkwhale easier to manage for instance owners,
this release includes a brand new administration interface to deal with:
- tracks
- albums
- artists
- libraries
- uploads
You can use this UI to quickly search for any object, delete objects in batch, understand
where they are coming from etc. This new UI should remove the need to go through Django's
admin in the vast majority of cases (but also includes a link to Django's admin when needed).
Artist hiding in the interface
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