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Add support for unauthenticated users hitting the logout page

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Add support for unauthenticated users hitting the logout page
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<main class="main pusher" v-title="labels.title">
<section class="ui vertical stripe segment">
<div class="ui small text container">
<div v-if="$store.state.auth.authenticated" class="ui small text container">
<translate translate-context="Content/Login/Title">Are you sure you want to log out?</translate>
<p v-translate="{username: $store.state.auth.username}" translate-context="Content/Login/Paragraph">You are currently logged in as %{ username }</p>
<button class="ui button" @click="$store.dispatch('auth/logout')"><translate translate-context="Content/Login/Button.Label">Yes, log me out!</translate></button>
<div v-else class="ui small text container">
<translate translate-context="Content/Login/Title">You aren't currently logged in</translate>
<router-link to='/login' class="ui button"><translate translate-context="Content/Login/Button.Label">Log in!</translate></router-link>
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