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Undo changes to shell script

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......@@ -5,6 +5,6 @@ cd "$(dirname $0)/.." # change into base directory
find node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/components -name "*.min.css" -delete
mkdir -p node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/tweaked
echo 'Removing google font…'
sed -i.bak '/@import url(/d' node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/components/site.css && rm node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/components/site.css.bak
sed -i '/@import url(/d' node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/components/site.css
echo "Replacing hardcoded values by CSS vars…"
scripts/ node_modules/fomantic-ui-css node_modules/fomantic-ui-css/tweaked
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