Commit d1ad391c authored by Ciaran Ainsworth's avatar Ciaran Ainsworth Committed by Georg Krause
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Add prefetched covers to history view

parent 79a8fa59
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ class ListeningViewSet(
tracks = Track.objects.with_playable_uploads(
).select_related("artist", "album__artist", "attributed_to")
).select_related("artist", "album__artist", "attributed_to", "artist__attachment_cover")
return queryset.prefetch_related(Prefetch("track", queryset=tracks))
def get_serializer_context(self):
......@@ -162,12 +162,14 @@ def serialize_artist_simple(artist):
"content_category": artist.content_category,
if "description" in artist._state.fields_cache:
data["description"] = (
if artist.description
else None
if "attachment_cover" in artist._state.fields_cache:
data["cover"] = (
if artist.attachment_cover
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