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See #994: Fixed failing test

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......@@ -1222,13 +1222,13 @@ def test_search_get(use_fts, settings, logged_in_api_client, factories):
def test_search_get_fts_advanced(settings, logged_in_api_client, factories):
settings.USE_FULL_TEXT_SEARCH = True
artist1 = factories["music.Artist"](name="Foo Bighters")
artist2 = factories["music.Artist"](name="Bar Fighters")
artist2 = factories["music.Artist"](name="Bar Fighter")
url = reverse("api:v1:search")
expected = {
"artists": serializers.ArtistWithAlbumsSerializer(
[artist1, artist2], many=True
[artist2, artist1], many=True
"albums": [],
"tracks": [],
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