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Added album filter to AlbumDetail vue for channel entries

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Added an album filter to fix problem where channel entries would show up in the wrong series (#1282)
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......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
<translate key="1" v-if="isSerie" translate-context="Content/Channels/*">Episodes</translate>
<translate key="2" v-else translate-context="*/*/*">Tracks</translate>
<channel-entries v-if=" && isSerie" :limit="50" :filters="{channel:, ordering: '-creation_date'}">
<channel-entries v-if=" && isSerie" :limit="50" :filters="{channel:, album:, ordering: '-creation_date'}">
<template v-else-if="discs && discs.length > 1">
<div v-for="tracks in discs" :key="tracks.disc_number">
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