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Fix #713: Added documentation on mono-container docker upgrade

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Added documentation on mono-container docker upgrade (#713)
......@@ -36,6 +36,39 @@ Docker setup
If you've followed the setup instructions in :doc:`Docker`, upgrade path is
Mono-container installation
Basically, you need to pull the new container image, stop and delete your existing container,
and relaunch a new one:
.. parsed-literal::
export FUNKWHALE_VERSION="|version|"
.. code-block:: shell
docker pull funkwhale/all-in-one:$FUNKWHALE_VERSION
docker stop funkwhale
docker rm funkwhale
docker run \
--name=funkwhale \
--restart=unless-stopped \
--env-file=/srv/funkwhale/.env \
-v /srv/funkwhale/data:/data \
-v /path/to/your/music/dir:/music:ro \
-e PUID=$UID \
-e PGID=$GID \
-p 5000:80 \
-d \
If you are not managing the container directly by hand, but use a third party tool such as Portainer,
instructions will vary, but, as a rule of thumb, pulling the new version of the image, and relaunch
a new container with the same arguments as the previous one (except for the image version) is enough.
Multi-container installation
.. parsed-literal::
cd /srv/funkwhale
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