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Uploading Content To Funkwhale
Uploading and removing content on Funkwhale
To upload content to any Funkwhale instance, you need:
......@@ -143,3 +143,14 @@ by instance admins.
Once uploaded, your files should be processed shortly. It's usually a matter of seconds, but
can vary depending on server load.
.. _upload-remove:
Removing files
If you want to remove some of the files you have uploaded, visit ``/content/libraries/tracks/`` or click "Add content" in the sidebar then "Tracks" in the top menu.
Then select the files you want to delete using the checkboxes on the left ; you can filter the list of files using a search pattern.
Finally, select "Delete" in the "Action" menu and click "Go".
This operation does *not* remove metadata, meaning that deleted tracks will remain visible in your library. They just won't be playable anymore.
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