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Add Funkwhale for Android to applications list

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......@@ -15,6 +15,21 @@
<h2><i class="fa fa-android"></i>&nbsp; Android</h2>
<div class="apps-list">
<div class="app-card">
<div class="img-wrapper">
<img src="../assets/apps/ffa.png" />
<div class="content">
Funkwhale For Android
<div class="tags">
<span class="tag">Free</span>
<span class="tag">Beta</span>
<a class="tag" href="https://fdroid.funkwhale.audio">F-Droid (self-hosted)</a>
<div class="app-card">
<div class="img-wrapper">
<img src="../assets/apps/otter.png" />
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