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Added talk about Funkwhale guide, recommendations / avoid

parent 2cb16694
...@@ -3,25 +3,60 @@ ...@@ -3,25 +3,60 @@
<span class="scroll-anchor" :id="'step-' + index"></span> <span class="scroll-anchor" :id="'step-' + index"></span>
<h3 class="subtitle"> <h3 class="subtitle">
<span v-if="step.optional" class="tag is-info"> <span v-if="step.optional" class="tag is-info">
<translate translate-context="Badge displayed next to guide step"> <translate translate-context="Badge displayed next to guide step">Optional</translate>
</span> </span>
<translate :translate-params="{index: index, title: step.title}" translate-context="Guide step title"> <translate
Step %{ index }: %{ title } :translate-params="{index: index, title: step.title}"
</translate> translate-context="Guide step title"
>Step %{ index }: %{ title }</translate>
</h3> </h3>
<p>{{ step.content }}</p> <div class="content">
<p v-for="c in step.content" :key="c">{{ c }}</p>
<hr v-if="step.recommendations || step.avoid">
<div v-if="step.recommendations || step.avoid" class="columns">
<div v-if="step.recommendations" class="column">
<h4 class="subtitle">
<span class="icon has-text-success">
<icon name="check"/>
<translate translate-context="Things that will help">Recommendations</translate>
<ul class="recommendations" v-if="step.recommendations">
<li v-for="row in step.recommendations" :key="row">{{ row }}</li>
<div v-if="step.avoid" class="column">
<h4 class="subtitle">
<span class="icon has-text-warning">
<icon name="warning"/>
<translate translate-context="Things that you should avoid">Avoid</translate>
<ul class="avoid" v-if="step.avoid">
<li v-for="row in step.avoid" :key="row">{{ row }}</li>
<p class="buttons" v-if="step.links && step.links.length > 0"> <p class="buttons" v-if="step.links && step.links.length > 0">
<template v-for="link in step.links"> <template v-for="link in step.links">
<router-link class="button" :key="JSON.stringify(" :to="" v-if=""> <router-link class="button" :key="JSON.stringify(" :to="" v-if="">
<icon :name="link.icon" v-if="link.icon" /> <icon :name="link.icon" v-if="link.icon"/>
<icon name="link" v-else/>&nbsp; <icon name="link" v-else/>
{{ link.text }} {{ link.text }}
</router-link> </router-link>
<a class="button" v-else :key="link.url" :href="link.url" rel="noopener noreferred" target="_blank"> <a
<icon :name="link.icon" v-if="link.icon" /> class="button"
<icon name="link" v-else/>&nbsp; v-else
rel="noopener noreferred"
<icon :name="link.icon" v-if="link.icon"/>
<icon name="link" v-else/>
{{ link.text }} {{ link.text }}
</a> </a>
</template> </template>
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