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Title: Funkwhale 1.2.4 bugfix release
Date: 2022-04-23
Author: Sporiff
Category: Announcement
Slug: funkwhale-124-release
Summary: Another small release to keep things running smoothly 🧈
Hello again everyone!
We're pleased to announce the release of Funkwhale 1.2.4! This is a small patch release to keep your pods running smoothly.
While 1.2.4 mostly contains dependency upgrades, we've made a couple of nice improvements:
- The mouse cursor used to show as a pointer when hovering over cards. This means it wasn't always obvious you could click on them. The cursor [now shows as a hand icon]( to make this clearer 👆
- We've [corrected a typo in our documentation]( that caused problems with SMTP setup 💌
- We've introduced a version switch to [our documentation]( Now you can see the current state of our documentation in the develop branch. Find this switch in the bottom-left corner of, or head straight to <> 📝
As always, you can follow the upgrade instructions in [our docs](
Happy upgrade, everyone! 🐋
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