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Title: 2022 April update
Date: 2022-05-02
Date: 2022-05-11
Category: Announcement
Slug: 2022-april-update
Authors: Sporiff
Donation: True
Summary: The last month has been a big one for Funkwhale development. Let's dig into it ⛏
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Summary: The last month has been a big one for Funkwhale development. Let's dig into it ⛏
This was a huge month for the Funkwhale project. We made headway in some important projects and even released two bugfix versions! Let's take a look at some of what's been going on in more detail.
## Development and funding updates
A little while ago we mentioned that we had negotiated a change to our funding with NLNet. We decided that adding features before improving the infrastructure wasn't a good idea. With that in mind, we've allocated our funding to the following projects:
- Create a design system
- Create a repository of reusable Vue components
- Migrate to Typescript
- Refactor the embedded player
- Migrate the Frontend to Vue 3
- Create a Typescript client library
- Update the outdated `requests-http-signature` library
- Update the administrator documentation
- Add multi-language support to the documentation
- Create a Python client library
- Rework the Docker deployment architecture
The exciting news is that some of this work is already done and more is in progress!
- We've already made a lot of progress with the Vue 3 and Typescript migration thanks to [Kasper](
- [Sporiff]( is currently rewriting the documentation and the admin documentation is almost finished.
- [Georg]( has taken care of the outdated requests-http-signature library and brought it in-house.
- [Georg]( has also started work on multi-language docs support.
- [Mathieu]( has been working hard on the new design system. We're aiming to bring more of it into our blog, website, and app as we go.
Phew! There is a lot happening behind the scenes. We hope these changes improve everyone's experience and make the project easier to work on.
We don't have a concrete timeline for 1.3 yet. The changes to the app are huge, so we'll need to do a lot of testing. We expect a lot of bugfix releases immediately following the release! 🐛
## Funkwhale in the news
[NKCproductions]( recently wrote [an interesting article about the Funkwhale project]( The article goes into some details about the Funkwhale project, its history, its approach, and the challenges it faces. Check it out!
## All other business
We've had some amazing contributions by the community this month! We're really thankful that people continue to get involved with our project. Thank you for all your support and encouragement 🎉
Take care everyone! 🐋
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