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0.7 (2018-03-21)


- Can now filter artists and albums with no listenable tracks (#114)
- Improve the style of the sidebar to make it easier to understand which tab is
  selected (#118)
- On artist page, albums are not sorted by release date, if any (#116)
- Playlists are here \o/ :tada: (#3, #93, #94)
- Use django-cacheops to cache common ORM requests (#117)


- Fixed broken import request admin (#115)
- Fixed forced redirection to login event with
- Fixed position not being reseted properly when playing the same track
  multiple times in a row
- Fixed synchronized start/stop radio buttons for all custom radios (#103)
- Fixed typo and missing icon on homepage (#96)


- Up-to-date and complete development and contribution instructions in
  README.rst (#123)