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Fix #408: change div to template and add a changelog

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Add sign up link in the sidebar (#408)
......@@ -42,12 +42,12 @@
<img class="ui right floated circular tiny avatar image" v-if="$store.state.auth.profile.avatar.square_crop" :src="$store.getters['instance/absoluteUrl']($store.state.auth.profile.avatar.square_crop)" />
<router-link class="item" v-if="$store.state.auth.authenticated" :to="{name: 'logout'}"><i class="sign out icon"></i><translate>Logout</translate></router-link>
<div v-else>
<template v-else>
<router-link class="item" :to="{name: 'login'}"><i class="sign in icon"></i><translate>Login</translate></router-link>
<router-link class="item" :to="{path: '/signup'}">
<translate>Create an account</translate>
<div class="item">
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