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Better examples in the help

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......@@ -30,12 +30,16 @@ default it will be $funkwhale_version_default)
During the process, the script will ask for the missing information.
# Interactively asks for information then run the containers
# Use the interactive shell and run the containers:
# Set the hostname to 'localhost' and the protocol to 'http' then run
# the containers. This command line is helpful to test an instance locally.
$bin_name --host=localhost --protocol=http
# Bypass the interactive shell by setting the hostname directly in the
# command-line:
$bin_name -h
# For testing, set the protocol to 'http' in order to access it more easily
# using when on the same host:
$bin_name --protocol=http
# Set a specific Funkwhale version.
FUNKWHALE_VERSION=1.2.0 $bin_name
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