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Version bump and changelog for 0.20

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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
__version__ = "0.20.0-rc1"
__version__ = "0.20.0"
__version_info__ = tuple(
int(num) if num.isdigit() else num
Enforce a configurable rate limit on the API to mitigate abuse (#261)
Support for genres, via tags (#432)
Mods can now change a library visibility through the admin UI (#548)
Support for M4A/AAC files (#661)
Add dropdown menu to track table (#531)
Make album cards height independent (#710)
Added the option to replace the queue's current contents with a selected album or track (#761)
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Simplified embedded docker reverse proxy IP configuration (#834)
Added periodical message to incite people to support their pod and Funkwhale (#839)
Added Czech translation (#844)
Added Catalan translation files
Added context strings to en_GB translations so that picking the language changes the interface as expected
Users can now delete their account without admin intervention (#852)
Allow-list to restrict federation to trusted domains (#853)
Hardcoded list of supported browsers to avoid unexpected regressions (#854)
Replaced Daphne by Gunicorn/Uvicorn to improve stability, flexibility and performance (#862)
Improved performance of /artists, /albums and /tracks API endpoints by a factor 2 (#865)
New keyboard shortcuts added for enhanced control over audio player (#866)
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Fixed remaining transcoding issue with Subsonic API (#867)
Fixed broken URL to artist and album on album and track pages (#871)
Redesign of the landing and about pages (#872)
Numbers on the stats page will now be formatted in a human readable way and will update with the locale (#873)
Fixed broken embedded player layout after dependency update (#875)
Ensure API urls answer with and without a trailing slash (#877)
Added a info message on embed wizard when anonymous access to content is disabled (#878)
Admins can now add custom CSS from their pod settings (#879)
Hardened security thanks to CSP and additional HTTP headers (#880)
Prevent usage of too weak passwords (#883)
Content and account reports (#890)
Display placeholder on homepage when there are no playlists (#892)
Fixed empty contentType causing client crash in some Subsonic payloads (#893)
Artists with no albums will now show track count on artist card (#895)
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Fix regression to quota bar color (#897)
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Pickup folder.png and folder.jpg files for cover art when importing from CLI (#898)
Fixed search usability issue when browsing artists, albums, radios and playlists (#902)
Added field to manage user upload quota in Django backend (#903)
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Fixed a responsive display issues on 1024px wide screens (#904)
Fixed broken less listened radio (#912)
Fix missing license information on track details page (#913)
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Fixed in-place imported files not playing under nginx when filename contains ? or % (#924)
Updated docs to ensure streaming works when using Minio/S3 and DSub (#932)
Switched from Semantic-UI to Fomentic-UI
Fixed import crashing with empty cover file or too long values on some fields
Increase the security of JWT token generation by using DJANGO_SECRET_KEY as well as user-specific salt for the signature
Ensure selected locale is not reset to browser default when refreshing app
Fixed album art not being retrieved from Ogg/Opus files
Reduced CSS size by 30% using purgecss
Now refetch remote ActivityPub artists, albums and tracks to avoid local stale data
Improve display of search results by including artist and album data
Fixed broken external HTTPS request under some scenarios, because of missing PyOpenSSL
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