Commit e478bb92 authored by EorlBruder's avatar EorlBruder
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Improved Unit test

The tracknumber and the compilation number are now not identical
parent 06a5ee93
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......@@ -43,10 +43,10 @@ def test_can_get_metadata_from_ogg_theora_file(field, value):
@pytest.mark.parametrize('field,value', [
('title', 'Bend'),
('artist', 'Binärpilot'),
('artist', 'Bindrpilot'),
('album', 'You Can\'t Stop Da Funk'),
('date',, 2, 7)),
('track_number', 1),
('track_number', 2),
('musicbrainz_albumid', uuid.UUID('ce40cdb1-a562-4fd8-a269-9269f98d4124')),
('musicbrainz_recordingid', uuid.UUID('f269d497-1cc0-4ae4-a0c4-157ec7d73fcb')),
('musicbrainz_artistid', uuid.UUID('9c6bddde-6228-4d9f-ad0d-03f6fcb19e13')),
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