Commit b42675b5 authored by heyarne's avatar heyarne Committed by Agate
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Omit recording_mbid if no data is available; fixes...

Omit recording_mbid if no data is available; fixes funkwhale/funkwhale#1310
parent dc412579
...@@ -22,11 +22,13 @@ def get_track(track): ...@@ -22,11 +22,13 @@ def get_track(track):
album = None album = None
additional_info = { additional_info = {
"listening_from": "Funkwhale", "listening_from": "Funkwhale",
"recording_mbid": str(track.mbid),
"tracknumber": track.position, "tracknumber": track.position,
"discnumber": track.disc_number, "discnumber": track.disc_number,
} }
if track.mbid:
additional_info["recording_mbid"] = str(track.mbid)
if track.album: if track.album:
if track.album.title: if track.album.title:
album = track.album.title album = track.album.title
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