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Merge branch 'release/0.18.3'

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Fixed a crash when federating a track with unspecified position
......@@ -5,16 +5,3 @@ Next release notes
Those release notes refer to the current development branch and are reset
after each release.
Avoid mixed content when deploying mono-container behind proxy [Manual action required]
*You are only concerned if you use the mono-container docker deployment behind a reverse proxy*
Because of `an issue in our mono-container configuration <>`_, users deploying Funkwhale via docker
using our `funkwhale/all-in-one` image could face some mixed content warnings (and possibly other troubles)
when browsing the Web UI.
This is fixed in this release, but on existing deployments, you'll need to add ``NESTED_PROXY=1`` in your container
environment (either in your ``.env`` file, or via your container management tool), then recreate your funkwhale container.
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