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# About this document
You can refer to this document to get a grasp of Funkwhale's mission and core values.
This document is not a *rigid* set of principles that should remain the same at all time. It should evolve over time, reflecting new consensus in the community.
# Mission statement
Funkwhale was started for simple reasons: bring to everyone an easy and ethic access to music and audio content.
This is the core mission of the project, which materializes by:
1. Developping and maintaining the Funkwhale audio server
2. Exploring and working on new funding models for creators
3. Building a federation of servers to host and distribute audio content (especially copyleft content) that is well adapted to the needs of creators
4. Provide a seamless, rich, social, open, decentralized experience to people that want to interact with audio content, based on open and free standards, protocols and technologies
# Our values
Funkwhale *must*:
1. Have a positive impact on the world, on creation, on culture, on people benefiting from the project, on people involved in the project
2. Remain free (as in free speech and free beer), open-source and open to anyone who wants to either use it or get involved in the project governance
3. Provide a safe place for its community members, at all time, by supporting a culture of trust and respect
4. Work horizontally, by avoiding the concentration of power within the hands of a few people or organizations, as well as providing an explicit and public set of rules regarding its governance
5. Support people, services and organizations that share the same values
Those values may be enforced in various ways, as described in our Code of Conduct.
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