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......@@ -216,13 +216,17 @@ and makes upgrade/maintenance easier.
On docker deployments, run the following commands:
.. code-block:: shell
.. note::
If you followed the Docker Multi-container installation instructions, you have exported already the version. If not, you should still do that:
.. parsed-literal::
export FUNKWHALE_VERSION="|version|"
export FUNKWHALE_VERSION="|version|"
.. code-block:: shell
# download the needed files
curl -L -o /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf "|version|/deploy/funkwhale_proxy.conf"
curl -L -o /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.template "|version|/deploy/docker.proxy.template"
curl -L -o /etc/nginx/funkwhale_proxy.conf "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/funkwhale_proxy.conf"
curl -L -o /etc/nginx/sites-available/funkwhale.template "${FUNKWHALE_VERSION}/deploy/docker.proxy.template"
.. code-block:: shell
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