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0.19.1 (2018-06-28)

Upgrade instructions are available at


- The currently playing track is now highlighted with an orange play icon (#832)
- Support for importing files with no album tag (#122)
- Redirect from / to /library when user is logged in (#864)
- Added a SUBSONIC_DEFAULT_TRANSCODING_FORMAT env var to support clients that don't provide the format parameter (#867)
- Added button to search for objects on Discogs (#368)
- Added copy-to-clipboard button with Subsonic password input (#814)
- Added opus to the list of supported mimetypes and extensions (#868)
- Aligned search headers with search results in the sidebar (#708)
- Clicking on the currently selected playlist in the Playlist popup will now close the popup (#807)
- Favorites radio will not be visible if the user does not have any favorites (#419)


- Ensure empty but optional fields in file metadata don't error during import (#850)
- Fix broken upload for specific files when using S3 storage (#857)
- Fixed broken translation on home and track detail page (#833)
- Fixed broken user admin for users with non-digit or letters in their username (#869)
- Fixed invalid file extension for transcoded tracks (#848)
- Fixed issue with French translation for "Start radio" (#849)
- Fixed issue with player changing height when hovering over the volume slider (#838)
- Fixed secondary menus truncated on narrow screens (#855)
- Fixed wrong og:image url when using S3 storage (#851)
- Hide pod statistics on about page if those are disabled (#835)
- Use ASCII filename before upload to S3 to avoid playback issues (#847)

Contributors to this release (commiters and reviewers):

- Ciarán Ainsworth
- Creak
- ealgase
- Eliot Berriot
- Esteban
- Freyja Wildes
- hellekin
- Johannes H.
- Mehdi
- Reg