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      Merge branch '132-static-upgrade-docker' into 'develop' · e31bed05
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      Resolve "Make static upgrade easier on docker setups"
      Closes #132
      See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!185
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      Merge branch '99-play-now' into 'develop' · 05858685
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      Resolve "Make the play icon more explicit"
      Closes #99 and #156
      See merge request funkwhale/funkwhale!184
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      Typo · 0232335a
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      Missing date in changelog · f68805e4
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      Merge tag '0.11' into develop · a92f69d9
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      0.11 (unreleased)
      Upgrade instructions are available at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/upgrading.html
      Special thanks for this release go to @Renon:matrix.org (@Hazmo on Gitlab)
      for bringing Apache2 support to Funkwhale and contributing on other issues.
      Thank you!
      - Funkwhale now works behind an Apache2 reverse proxy (!165)
        check out the brand new documentation at https://docs.funkwhale.audio/installation/index.html#apache2
        if you want to try it!
      - Users can now request password reset by email, assuming a SMTP server was
        correctly configured (#187)
      - Added a fix_track_files command to run checks and fixes against library
      - Avoid fetching Actor object on every request authentication
      - Can now relaunch errored jobs and batches (#176)
      - List pending requests by default, added a status filter for requests (#109)
      - More structured menus in sidebar, added labels with notifications
      - Sample virtual-host file for Apache2 reverse-proxy (!165)
      - Store high-level settings (such as federation or auth-related ones) in
        database (#186)
      - Ensure in place imported files get a proper mimetype (#183)
      - Federation cache suppression is now simpler and also deletes orphaned files
      - Fixed small UI glitches/bugs in federation tabs (#184)
      - X-sendfile not working with in place import (#182)
      - Added a documentation area for third-party projects (#180)
      - Added documentation for optimizing Funkwhale and reduce its memory footprint.
      - Document that the database should use an utf-8 encoding (#185)
      - Foundations for API documentation with Swagger (#178)
      Database storage for high-level settings
      Due to the work done in #186, the following environment variables have been
      Configuration for this settings has been moved to database, as it will provide
      a better user-experience, by allowing you to edit these values on-the-fly,
      without restarting Funkwhale processes.
      You can leave those environment variables in your .env file for now, as the
      values will be used to populate the database entries. We'll make a proper
      announcement when the variables won't be used anymore.
      Please browse https://docs.funkwhale.audio/configuration.html#instance-settings
      for more information about instance configuration using the web interface.
      System emails
      Starting from this release, Funkwhale will send two types
      of emails:
      - Email confirmation emails, to ensure a user's email is valid
      - Password reset emails, enabling user to reset their password without an admin's intervention
      Email sending is disabled by default, as it requires additional configuration.
      In this mode, emails are simply outputed on stdout.
      If you want to actually send those emails to your users, you should edit your
      .env file and tweak the EMAIL_CONFIG variable. See :ref:`setting-EMAIL_CONFIG`
      for more details.
      .. note::
        As a result of these changes, the DJANGO_EMAIL_BACKEND variable,
        which was not documented, has no effect anymore. You can safely remove it from
        your .env file if it is set.
      Proxy headers for non-docker deployments
      For non-docker deployments, add ``--proxy-headers`` at the end of the ``daphne``
      command in :file:`/etc/systemd/system/funkwhale-server.service`.
      This will ensure the application receive the correct IP address from the client
      and not the proxy's one.
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      Merge branch 'release/0.11' · 104a247d
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      Version bump and changelog · 7908ae39
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