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Refactor the setting of year after code review

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......@@ -61,11 +61,10 @@ def extract_filename_params(track_data, format):
filename_params["album"] = filename_params.get("album_title", None)
filename_params["artist"] = filename_params.get("artist_name", None)
filename_params["extension"] = format
filename_params["year"] = (
filename_params.get("album_release_date", None)[:4]
if filename_params.get("album_release_date", None)
else None
filename_params["year"] = filename_params["album_release_date"][:4]
except (KeyError, TypeError):
filename_params["year"] = None
return {
k: utils.sanitize_recursive(v) for k, v in filename_params.items()
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